marta-sitting-yellow-chairI am the calm voice of reason that will keep you and your business on track, and moving forward– gracefully.

I believe in living a life of ease. In the glass being half-full. In possibility.  In tropical beaches. In keeping things simple.  I believe in building a business that supports your dream lifestyle, whatever that may be for you.

And you should know up front: When it comes to business, what I know for sure is that you need to have a team that partners with you and wants your success— every bit as much as you do!

Once upon a time I was a stay at home mom looking for way to have a career from home while the kids were little.  To make my own money.  To use my mind and my gifts.  To learn and grow as a person.

But I fell into the Shiny Object Syndrome trap and I bought program after program, products all over the place and spent waaayyy more than the income I was generating.  As a lifetime learner, I was having a blast and loving every second of it.

And then… my husband lost his job…and I had to figure out how to turn this fun hobby into a business with real purpose and income.

That meant investing in my business in different ways. It meant joining high-level coaching programs.  It meant investing in programs and certifications that would help me move my client’s businesses forwards.  It meant building a team of experts in their fields.

I learned that building a business is alot like having kids.  It can be really hard and stretch you in ways you never even dreamed possible.  But it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can do.

These days I help women coaches, consultants and other experts create marketing strategies, systems and automation to build the fulfilling business they’re yearning for.


we can help find out howWhat does that look like?
great question

Obviously it’s different for everyone, but here are some examples from just some
of my recent clients.

I’ve helped…

  • A speaker grow her business from $100K to $700K in sales in just 3 years (while she kept her 3 day a week schedule).
  • A health coach shift away from a time-consuming, one-on-one client work model– to a leveraged online business model so that she could create the income to leave her day job.
  • Another health coach tripled her email marketing list in just 3 short weeks. ( that’s triple the sales power).
  • A marketing expert dismantle a successful multiple six figure business that no longer reflected who she was and what she wanted to offer the world and build a completely new one, equally successful, within 18 months.