What’s your pricing & package structure?

You’ll be relieved to know, we like to keep things simple. We offer our services under 3 different package models.
  1. Monthly Retainers–If you require regular daily, weekly or monthly, and would like to guarantee our availability, we can provide you with a retainer, where we will allocate a set number of hours each month to you. For example 20 or 30 hours a month, or we’ll process a set number of tasks for a fixed price amount agreed on an estimate. Invoices are issued in advance each month from the time the work began. Please note, retainer clients will have their work checked daily, and will often have any new tasks completed the same day, or next day. –
  2. Block of Hours: purchase a block of hours (minimum 20) in advance, and we’ll let you know when those hours have been used. Please note, when you purchase a block of hours, those hours will be valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.
  3. If you require a fixed price or project estimate, whether large or small, we will compose a bulleted brief. Upon your approval, and at every step thereafter, we will follow our agreement “to the letter.”
What can you do for me?

Every client is different and we never want anyone to ‘fit inside a box’ so we meet them where they need to be met.

We want to create whatever you need to get the outcome you want. So far this month we have designed 2 Telesummit sites, put together a marketing plan for a program, created a sales page and too many Infusionoft campaigns to count, created a training course, answered emails, brainstormed ideas for a new business direction, conducted a thorough strategic business assessment, and completed numerous other activities. It’s important to know that in every facet of your business, we will be there. From admin to very high level strategy – we want to be your team!

Who do you work with?

We work with business coaches who are looking to partner with a full service, high touch support team to help them leverage their business.agreement “to the letter.”

how do I know if we are a good fit?

Good question!

The best thing to do is hop on the phone with Marta and get to know each other a little bit. In the meantime, here’s a list of what we look for in an ideal client.

I have a successful business and a high annual income
I have a well-established client base
I work with a coach
I have a vision and a plan, I just need help implementing it
I am not a micro-manager
I’m fun and I have a great sense of humor
I know the value in forming a relationship with my online support team
I understand TeamMarta will be an integral part of my business and not an employee
I’m serious about growing my business and willing to invest money in TeamMarta’s online marketing support services
I’m able to let go and delegate

If you can say yes to all of the above, let’s chat!

Do you have office hours?

Yes, although our Team is virtual and you might catch us working at some crazy hours, our official office hours are 9am-4pm CT, Monday-Friday.

What are your billing & invoicing methods?

We offer a variety of options from blocks of time to monthly retainers and custom project quotes.

What are expected turn around times?

That’s a loaded question 🙂

Small day to day tasks are usually handled the same day or within one business days. Larger projects and requests are addressed on a case by case basis.

some of the tools we can do for you include